Scope 3 Emissions

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Viresco’s Scope 3 services

Scope 3 emissions have become a focal point in the carbon market landscape, accounting for a significant portion of corporate carbon footprints. Consequently, they have garnered heightened attention within corporate carbon reduction and climate action agendas. Viresco Solutions stands ready to provide you with comprehensive support in navigating this complex terrain, offering tailored solutions for emission reduction strategies, program design, quantification, and verification.

Viresco’s Scope 3 services include:


Discovery and Knowledge Exchange

We start by developing an understanding of your goals, operations, and current environmental practices. We take time to review possible interventions and Scope 3 emissions initiatives with you, and identify preferable methodologies for GHG accounting and claims. Throughout the discovery process, we share best management practices based on the most up to date science and lessons learned from other corporate Scope 3 programs, especially as they relate to data collection and claims.


Carbon Strategy and Value Mapping

We assist with the development of a customized carbon roadmap strategy tailored to your needs and assessment findings. We then identify and evaluate program opportunities, considering financial feasibility, GHG impact, and associated business implications such as co-claiming benefits, cost-benefit analysis, ESG benefits, reputational benefits, and risk assessment. Additionally, we assess causality, financing options, and incentives to help bolster your emission reduction efforts.


Scope 3 Program Design, Quantification, and Feasibility

We conduct a thorough assessment of your internal assets, processes, activities, and data collection methods, alongside external partnerships, to craft a credible Scope 3 program. This includes developing reporting documentation like the Intervention Design Document (IDD). We analyze data to quantify emissions across the your value chain, identifying gaps, barriers, and reporting challenges in both upstream and downstream activities. Furthermore, we initiate Scope 3 pilot projects to validate the business case of interventions and explore co-claiming options for verified impact units.


Implementation and Verification Support

We provide support in your intervention design, development, and implementation, which encompasses activities such as data analysis, sampling, forming partnerships, and ensuring comprehensive program documentation. We also connect you with technical partners to assist in project implementation, data collection, and support in monitoring and reporting. Our services extend to developing monitoring, reporting, and verification mechanisms tailored to your needs, including the creation of checklists for efficient implementation. Furthermore, we collaborate directly with validation and verification bodies (VVBs) to validate your claims and impact units during the verification process.