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Viresco Solutions is an international environmental consulting firm that helps clients strategically navigate the complex and evolving world of sustainability.

The Viresco team is recognized as experts in climate policy, sustainable supply chains, and natural climate solutions, and prides itself on providing trusted advice and recommendations to clients.

Core Service Offerings

Viresco Solutions supports the sustainability goals of our clients through our trademarked End-to-End Carbon Roadmapping process. We help our diverse clientele identify opportunities for decarbonization across their supply chains and beyond. This is achieved through our core service areas, which include:

Latest News & Updates

May 17 2024

Big moves from the LEGO Group

Starting this year, a portion of bonuses for all salaried employees will be tied to emissions...
May 15 2024

Climate action requires stubborn optimism

Climate scientists often paint a bleak picture of the future, but we can't afford to let despair...
May 14 2024

Countertop digester earns approval through Gold Standard

Lomi, the countertop food digester from Kelowna, BC, just got the thumbs-up from the Gold Standard...
May 14 2024

Decarbonization and defossilization of the chemical industry

Chemicals are vital for various products like pharmaceuticals, plastics, and electronics. However,...

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