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VSI Initiatives, Leadership, and Engagement: Attending the ASTech Awards Gala

Viresco Solutions Initiatives, Leadership, and Engagement: Attending the ASTech Awards Gala

November 7, 2023

One of our amazing team members, Tom Ogaranko, recently represented Viresco Solutions at the 34th ASTech Awards Gala in Edmonton and had a fantastic experience! It seems that it was indeed an evening of inspiration, as Tom said. The event awarded and celebrated over 100 distinguished finalists who were recognized for their achievements in science, technology, and leadership. To highlight a few, there was Papaschase First Nation and Chief Bruneau, who are leading a groundbreaking land stewardship initiative in Edmonton, employing drones for emergency management, security, and environmental monitoring. Another inspiring finalist was Dr. Rafiq Ahmad, the founder of the Smart & Sustainable Manufacturing Systems Laboratory, dedicated to promoting green technology in agriculture and agri-food. Finally, Livestock Gentec received a well-deserved award for their outstanding contributions to livestock genomics, significantly improving production efficiency, meat quality, and reducing the environmental impact of livestock production. 🌟🏆🌱 #ASTechAwards #InnovationLeaders #IndigenousInnovation #LandStewardship #TechforGood

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