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UN Warns: Half of World’s Natural Pastureland Degraded

June 18, 2024

The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) has revealed that 50% of the world’s rangelands are degraded due to exploitation and climate change, threatening a sixth of global food supplies. Population growth and rising food demand have led to overgrazing and conversion of pastures into cropland, reducing soil fertility and increasing droughts.

🔍 Chief Scientist Barron Joseph Orr emphasizes that land restoration is crucial for climate change solutions, as rangelands hold a third of the world’s carbon reservoir. Collaborative efforts and traditional herding practices are key to recovery.

🌱 Key Regions Affected:

> Central Asia, China, Mongolia
> Africa, Middle East, South America

Let’s work together to protect our precious rangelands and secure the future of agriculture! 🌾🌍 For more information, click here!

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