Roadmap to Quantify Soil Organic Carbon on Grasslands

Roadmap to Quantify Soil Organic Carbon on Grasslands

December 8, 2023

Viresco was pleased to work with a Technical Advisory Group to develop a Roadmap report is to assist developers in the choice of approaches that quantify soil organic carbon (SOC) as a measurable ecosystem good or service (EGS) from Canadian grazing and forage lands (herein called collectively ‘grasslands’). Although grasslands occupy nearly half of the land used for agriculture in Canada, the ability to confidently, reliably, and practically estimate changes in SOC under grazing and forage management practices is a gap in Canadian science. The ultimate objective (beyond the scope of this report) is to be able to build a system that will quantify the impact of grassland management on SOC to enable SOC to be established as a quantifiable and transactable EGS that will thereby encourage increased adoption of beneficial management practices (BMPs) to increase those EGS. The roadmap was developed with significant stakeholder consultation and feedback from two Technical Advisory Group (TAG) meetings and a broader stakeholder workshop including stakeholders from academia, government, private-sector, environmental market experts, and industry groups. The proposed roadmap provides a feasible and incremental route that effectively leverages resources to accomplish the SOC quantification needed to more effectively focus investment and action to achieve healthier, SOC-enriched agricultural land for Canada. The full report can be found here.

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