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Revolutionizing Agriculture with Biostimulants

June 27, 2024

Biostimulants are transforming the way we approach sustainable agriculture. These innovative agricultural inputs go beyond traditional fertilizers and pesticides, enhancing natural processes in plants and soil. At Viresco, we often get asked about emerging sustainable technologies so here are the quick notes on biostimulants:

1. What are Biostimulants?
-Substances or microorganisms that improve nutrient uptake, stress tolerance, and crop quality by stimulating natural processes, rather than relying directly on nutrient content.

2. Evolution and Significance:
-From mid-20th century seaweed extracts to today’s advanced biotechnological solutions, biostimulants have evolved into a critical component of sustainable farming practices.

3. Regulatory Definitions:
-EU: Improves plant/soil characteristics independently of nutrient content.
-US: Enhances plant nutrition processes.
-Canada: Broadly categorized as “supplements.”
-Gold Standard: Stimulates natural processes and metabolism in soil.

4. Functional Benefits:
-Stimulate plant metabolism, improve soil microflora activity, and enhance stress tolerance.
-Lead to improved crop yield and quality, soil health, and carbon sequestration.

As we move towards more sustainable agricultural practices, biostimulants are set to play a pivotal role in enhancing soil health, crop productivity, and overall ecological balance. Contact us if you’d like to learn more! 🌍🌾

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