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Peatlands: Essential Ecosystem Services and the Impact of Rewetting

May 27, 2024

Peatlands are crucial for ecosystem services like climate regulation, water management, nutrient retention, and wildlife habitat. However, they are shrinking by 500,000 hectares annually, leading to CO₂ emissions and loss of these key services. MoorFutures®, established in 2011, offers a standard for generating credits through peatland rewetting, quantifying services such as greenhouse gas emissions, water quality, evaporative cooling, and biodiversity.

Key Findings:

  • Rewetting Impact: A study on Kieve polder in Germany showed CO₂ emissions reduced from 1,306 to 532 tons/year, nitrogen release from 1,088 to 359 kg/year, and heat flux from 6,691 to 1,926 kW.
  • Ecosystem Benefits: Five years post-rewetting, these values remained stable, and biodiversity significantly increased.
  • Methodologies: Standard approaches are based on vegetation data, while premium approaches use precise measurements or modeling.
  • The MoorFutures methods highlight the positive impacts of rewetting on climate protection and biodiversity, demonstrating potential for adaptation in other regions. Integrating ecosystem services into carbon markets can offer competitive advantages and support environmental goals.

Read the full publication here!

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