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EU to Force Companies to Pay to Reduce Microplastics

February 2, 2024

EU negotiators have struck a new deal requiring beauty companies to contribute to cleaning up microplastic pollution in sewage treatment. Under draft rules, companies must cover 80% of the costs, following the “polluter pays principle.” Governments will subsidize the remaining expenses to prevent essential products from becoming scarce or costly. The regulations aim to safeguard citizens from harmful discharges and enhance water quality by removing nutrients and micropollutants. By 2035, organic matter must be removed from urban wastewater, expanding to nitrogen and phosphorus removal by 2045. The deal also mandates monitoring for microplastics, PFAS, and antimicrobial resistance. Despite enforcement challenges, MEPs emphasize the breakthrough in water management standards without disproportionately affecting medicine affordability. For more information, click here!

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