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Science-based Targets Initiative (SBTi) Publishes BVCM Report

February 28, 2024

Hot off the press! The Science-Based Targets Initiative has just published their Beyond Value Chain Mitigation (BVCM) report and accompanying research paper all about accelerating corporate adoption of BVCM! Click the link at the bottom for more information!

The private sector must play a pivotal role in climate mitigation through innovative investments and business model transformations towards a net-zero future. Encouragingly, more companies are embracing emission reductions aligned with a 1.5C pathway through SBTi. This new BVCM report has the potential to transform corporate sustainability.

SBTi’s BVCM recommendation represents a timely tool for companies to mitigate climate risks and enhance long-term value. BVCM activities and investments go above and beyond traditional value chain abatement efforts, complementing corporate decarbonization strategies and supporting other economic and social actors to reduce or remove emissions. These initial reports will soon be complemented by a BVCM “how to” guide, so stay tuned! #SBTi #BVCM #ClimatePartner #ClimateChange

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