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Forest Carbon Market Bounces Back

May 6, 2024

The forest carbon market appears to be bouncing back! 🌲 #EnvironmentalFinance offers some suggestions as to why:

🌱 Expansion of Jurisdictional Credits: Jurisdictional programs and approaches are enabling scaling and improving integrity and quality.

🌎 Climate Mitigation Potential: Forest carbon approaches offer significant climate mitigation potential, making them a great option for companies trying to reach net zero targets.

🏷️ Market Maturation: Leading carbon crediting programs are aligning their standards (i.e., ICVCM and VCMI strengthening quality and integrity on supply and demand side, respectively), while quality assurance labels are easing buyer concerns about greenwashing.

💰 Increased Willingness to Pay: Buyers are paying more for high-quality forest credits.

📈 Growing Demand: Retirements are hitting record highs, fueled by convergence of compliance and VCM, along with implementation of CORSIA in early 2024.

It is expected that these trends will continue as we move further into 2024 – but stay tuned! For more information, click here! #ClimateAction #CarbonCredits #NatureConservation

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