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EU Approves Nature Restoration Law

June 17, 2024

Finally, the EU says YES to the Nature Restoration Law! 🌱

Despite stalls in progress during March of this year, with statements like, “postponed indefinitely,” causing shock and disappointment, the EU’s Nature Restoration Law – the very first of its kind – has been officially adopted!

This historic new law aims to restore at least 20% of the EU’s land and sea area, with specific targets for the protection and restoration of pollinators, rivers, and other key facets of biodiversity and ecosystem functionality.

This new law will be instrumental in aligning EU policy with the global biodiversity commitments that have been made by almost 200 countries to date, and in achieving 30% planetary restoration by 2030 hashtag30×30!

It’s safe to say that this new legislation solidifies the EU’s position and leadership on the global biodiversity stage, setting a powerful example for the rest of our global community! Fore more information, click here!

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