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Carbon Insetting in Supply Chains

Insetting is a novel approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions where an organization works within their supply chain or customer base to drive emission reductions.  Insetting is flexible and customizable, since it can be tailored to your organizations specific profile.  Viresco can help your organization create and maintain an insetting program to meet your greenhouse gas reduction goals.

Economic and social pressures are consistently pushing corporations to increase their sustainability and reduce externalities. Although purchasing offset credits can serve to mitigate these pressures, they can incur large costs and do not provide any other benefits to the company.  Alternatively, insetting programs achieve economic and environmental sustainability, while also increasing overall operational efficiency and a positive public image, leading to increased competitive advantage.

Insetting is an investment in supply-chain sustainability and efficiency. Benefits of insetting include:

  • Provide corporations with real and verified carbon reductions while improving systems operations;
  • Increased collaboration and efficiency throughout the supply-chain by investing in sustainability;
  • Improvements to overall systems operations;
  • Provide benefits to local communities that are connected to the supply-chain; and,
  • Reduce administration costs for implementation of a carbon reduction project.

To achieve a credible and robust insetting program, our team has extensive experience developing programs that meet minimum standards of adequate carbon accounting, while also providing the flexibility and uniqueness that insetting offers. Viresco Solutions was integral to the advancement and legitimization of agricultural insetting as a sustainability strategy.

Please see the recent Agricultural Carbon Markets – Mobilising the Biological Bridge webinar presented at the “International Conference on Geography and Development 2018”.