Our Advisors

Alastair Handley

Alastair Handley is a recognized leader in the Carbon Offset Market in Canada and is the President of Carbon Credit Solutions (CCSI). CCSI is one of the largest aggregator of small environmental projects in the world, managing Carbon for over 5 Million acres (2M Hectares) of land. He is a shareholder and board member of Viresco Solutions Inc., a sustainability consulting group. He is a sought after expert and speaker in the fields of Sustainability and carbon credit aggregation. His expertise in Spatial Information Systems (SIS) and computer programming led to establishing the leading MRV (measure, monitor, report and verify) data collection system for Carbon Credits aggregation in North America.

The Alberta Canada market has stringent government oversight of projects developed in the province. Alastair has been involved in the Alberta, Canada carbon offset market since 2006 and is well versed in the challenges that project developers and carbon credit suppliers face trying to bring verified emission reductions to market. CCSI has been successful in becoming the dominant player in the Alberta Canada carbon offset market.

Today Carbon Credit Solutions (CCSI) is a world leader in the field of Carbon Credit Aggregation and actively participating in the global carbon offset community by engaging in discourse, projects, and educational outreach. Alastair is an advisor to the Environmental Defense Fund on aggregation in the USA, and is working with the Coalition of Agricultural Green House Gas (C-AAG), to further Carbon market in the USA and Brazil. CCSI is dedicated to sharing its expertise and lessons learned with corporations and governments around the globe. Alastair is personally dedicated to the reduction of greenhouse gas in support of reducing the speed of climate change.

Alastair resides in Calgary Alberta, enjoys outdoor sports and studies martial arts. He believes in personal and corporate responsibility.  Alastair can be reached at [email protected].

Ed Alfke

Ed Alfke is an internationally recognized corporate growth and business turnaround expert who believes companies can be green and profitable. He is passionate about building environmentally conscious companies quickly and efficiently. He has extensive experience in Canada, the USA, and UK. After more than 30 years of experience of growing companies in many different industries, from automotive to finance to technology, Ed has achieved an outstanding reputation for his ability to grow companies by providing effective leadership while being environmentally responsible.

Ed is a Serial Entrepreneur, and Angel Investor. He was a founding director of the National Angel Capital Organization, and Co-chair of the ACA co-investment committee which links up Angel Investor groups in the USA. He has mentored dozens of company CEO’s in the US and Canada. He has a diploma in strategic planning and has used his experience and hands on approach to start and grow companies successfully in Canada, the USA and the UK. In addition he has raised over $50 million in investment capital for worthy companies. He is famous for the founding and expansion of Rent-a-Wreck, Canada’s fastest growing company in the 80’s.

He has been awarded numerous business and environmental accolades over the years in the US, Canada, and the UK. He lectures on Entrepreneurship at US, and Canadian universities and is a case study for MBA and commerce programs.

Ed was keynote speaker for the World Conference on the Environment in Antwerp, was awarded the “Crescordia” the highest award in the SW USA for contribution to the environment as well as the Mayor of Phoenix award for environmental technology. Ed lives in Alberta, is a heli-skier, windsurfer and is now learning kite boarding. Ed can be reached at [email protected].


Wm. R. ( Bud ) Norris, P. Eng.

Bud is a serial entrepreneur who has grown 20+ companies in a variety of industry sectors. He WAS a Regional Franchisor for Novus Windshield Repair and built the system from 1 to 45 units. After a successful exit, Bud joined Glen River Industries as a partner, operating 1 of 4 plants as General Manager with 110 employees. Glen River was a modular home manufacturer that reached $25 million in sales.

Bud then spent 2 years, during the start-up, as President of Pillar to Post, a home inspection franchise system that eventually grew to over 400 units across North America. In 1991 he co-founded EXH Engineering which grew to 16 offices, 320 employees, and $37 million in sales. EXH was acquired by GENIVAR Inc. in 2008. Since then Bud spends his time with coaching, mentoring, and investing networks.

Over the years Bud has been on the Board of The Red Deer Homebuilders Association; and the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association; and has sat on the provincial Occupational Health & Safety Council; committees of the Consulting Engineers of Alberta; and assisted with community sports teams. He is currently a volunteer with a local literacy group and enjoys reading, researching, and traveling.


Art Froehlich

AdFarm/Agriview/Froehlich Farms: Art works with a wide variety of industry stakeholders in both public and private sectors. He also shares his expertise with private and public sector organizations that focus on finance, processing, research, international marketing and retailing. Through his international business interests Art continues to export a wide variety of agriculture & food products from Canada to markets in Asia. Art is an investor and founding shareholder of a number of startup companies in the agriculture, food and bio sciences sectors.