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Understanding GHG Accounting: Dispelling Myths

April 19, 2024

There’s a lot of talk about greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting lately, and it’s crucial to clear up some misconceptions. Alexia Kelly breaks it down in three parts:

1. Corporate GHG Inventories: What’s the Deal?
What They Are: GHG inventories give us estimates of emissions at different levels, like companies or cities. They’re based on various data sources, including emissions factors that estimate the impact of business activities on GHG emissions.

2. What They Aren’t: These inventories aren’t foolproof. They rely on estimates and assumptions, similar to financial accounting, and can’t fully track a company’s efforts or progress toward emission reduction goals.

3. Why They Matter: While they’re valuable tools, GHG inventories have limitations. We need more transparency and alignment across standards to ensure accurate reporting and meaningful insights into climate action.

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